Terms & Conditions

Please be aware natural botanicals and essential oils used to provide colour and scent can fade over time, so we advise using your soap bars within 6months
As I cut and package all items by hand there can also be slight variations in sizes and weight
I am not medically trained and do not claim that the use of my products can have beneficial effects on pre-existing and/or mental health condition. Information provided for my products relates to the properties of specific ingredients used
All purchases shall be made in GBP
All my soaps are made with care and are checked, inspected and hand packed before shipping to ensure the best quality. Unfortunately due to the nature of my items I do not offer returns or exchanges. If for any reason you are unsatisfied then please let me know within 48hours by emailing hello@almalondon.co.uk 
Packages are sent by Royal Mail, please allow 14days from the date of your shipping confirmation for your parcel to arrive. If you believe your item has been lost or misplaced then please email hello@almalondon.co.uk and we will investigate. I am not responsible for packages being delivered to the wrong location due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by the customer
If you’ve received your package damaged, please contact me within 48 hours of delivery. These will be handled on a case to case basis
I reserve the right to discontinue any product, at any time for any reason. Prices for all products are subject to change. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries